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Join hosts CJ and Ashley in this heartfelt episode of The Day After  as they sit down with special guest, Paula. Paula opens up about her deeply personal journey through grief after the loss of her beloved husband, sharing the touching stories featured in her popular blog segment, "Martin Mondays," which evolved into a cherished book released on what would have been his 61st birthday.

Candidly, Paula discusses the challenge of accurately sharing her late husband's legacy and the therapeutic nature of writing for her and future generations. She provides insights into how her family navigated their grief, following the mantra of "grace and space," creating private time to process their emotions before accepting visitors. Paula's nurturing response to her children's grief reveals the profound impact her husband's injury and passing had on their family dynamic.

Throughout the episode, Paula unveils the gift of gratitude and growth she discovered through her grief, emphasizing the importance of allowing sorrow to transform and shape her relationships and legacy. She reflects on the tragic and ongoing losses, including her youngest brother before his graduation and the subsequent deaths of her nephew, sister, and husband, revealing how each loss compounded her grief yet allowed her to find purpose and intentionality in her life.

Paula’s resilience is showcased as she recounts the criticism she faced for not appearing as a "broken down widow" and how her faith helped her persevere, even as she participated in church activities shortly after her husband's passing. Open-hearted, Paula shares advice for others experiencing grief, highlighting the importance of honoring each person's unique process and language of grief.

The discussion shifts to Paula’s personal project management approach, the significance of her "five pillars of life," and how setting pillar goals kept her family integrated and focused through their grief journey. Paula wraps up with gratitude for the support systems outside her immediate family, emphasizing the difference between being a single parent and a solo parent, and the fortitude she gained from her mother's example of strength and resilience.

Tune in for an episode filled with love, loss, transformation, and the continuous journey of healing and honoring a loved one's legacy.

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