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show notes

Join hosts, CJ Infantino and Ashley Infantino, for a heartfelt look back at their inaugural year creating a space to change the global conversation on grief. In this season finale, CJ & Ashley share their vision for the future, including expanding The Day After to create a network to support various forms of grief.

They reflect on their personal journeys, the therapeutic power of shared stories, and how the podcast has shaped their lives and those of their listeners. The episode features discussions on the emotional impact of grief, the healing power of creativity, and gives a glimpse into CJ's profound experience with a medium, bringing messages from his late wife Ariana.

The hosts speak candidly about the challenges and surprises they faced in building The Day After, from the mental strain of tackling tough topics to the joy of building a global community. As they wrap up the season, they express gratitude for their listeners' support, their synergistic work dynamic, and the unexpected paths of creativity and connection the podcast has opened.

Tune in for an episode filled with gratitude, learning, and a look forward to what the next year holds. Don't forget to support the show by sharing, subscribing, and engaging as CJ & Ashley ready themselves for Year 2! 

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