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Show Notes

Welcome back to The Day After. Today's episode holds a profoundly personal journey, one of heartache, resilience, and the quest for healing. We are honored to have Dimitrios with us, who is bravely opening up for the first time to an audience beyond his close circle about the loss of his mother to a 10 year battle with cancer and how it reshaped his entire family dynamic from his early teens into adulthood.

Dimitrios touches on the heavy mantle of responsibility he shouldered as the 'rock' of his family, the loneliness of not having that support he desperately needed, and the complex ties with his father that eventually led to a relationship's end. Now a father himself, he shares how his past influences his approach to parenting and the fears and responsibilities it brings.

In this emotional episode, we'll delve into how Dimitrios and his brother navigated through the pain of their mother's absence, especially during significant life events like his brother's recent wedding. Ashley and CJ will also shed light on their experiences with grief and the delicate balance of keeping the memory of our loved ones alive through rituals and remembrance.

Join us as we explore the raw and honest account of Dimitrios's journey—reflecting on what the "new normal" looks like post-loss, finding strength for the sake of his son, and seeking out the light at the end of the tunnel. This is an episode about confronting the past, embracing the present, and cautiously stepping into the future with hope.

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