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Show Notes

In this emotionally charged episode of The Day After, CJ Infantino and Ashley Infantino are joined by guest Kim, who shares her tragic yet inspiring journey through grief and loss. Kim's husband was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, and she opens up about the difficult decisions they made as a family, including when and how to tell their children about his impending death.

Kim bravely recounts the heartbreaking moments leading up to her husband's passing and the profound impact it had on her and their children. She discusses her experiences with grief, the power of signs and coincidences, and finding love again after loss. Kim's resilience and strength shine through as she reflects on navigating a world without her husband, finding happiness, and supporting her children's individual paths. 

Join CJ, Ashley, and Kim in this deeply touching episode as they explore the complexities of grief, the importance of open communication, and the possibility of healing and finding joy amidst immense pain.

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