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Show Notes

Welcome back to another episode of The Day After. Today, we're diving deep into a poignant story of loss, love, and the complexities of dealing with grief across continents. Our guest, Juhi, shares her heart-wrenching experience of receiving the devastating news of her mother’s sudden passing while on vacation in Italy. Amidst the turmoil, Juhi had to confront the logistical nightmare of securing an emergency visa while abroad to travel to India—navigating bureaucracy with a two-year-old daughter and nanny in tow.

Throughout the episode, we traverse the emotional landscape as Juhi opens up about the numbness and detachment she faced while performing practical tasks, the overwhelming rush of emotions upon arrival in India, and the quiet aftermath of returning home to a world without her mother. CJ reflects on the valuable lessons to be learned from Juhi’s struggles, particularly on the influence of loss on our lives, and the profound impact it has on reshaping our priorities and relationships. 

Juhi's candid discussion about parenting in absence of a maternal figure, her desire to honor her mother's memory authentically, and the differences in grieving processes amongst family members offer us all a mirror to our own experiences with loss. 

We grapple with the idea that healing is an active journey, not one marked merely by the passage of time. So, brace yourself for a powerful episode that will leave you with a renewed perspective on grief, memory, and the delicate balance of joy amidst sorrow. Stay with us as we unfold this journey with Juhi, right here on The Day After.

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