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show notes

Welcome back! Today, we're diving deep into the often untouched waters of grief with our guest Katie. Katie shares her journey through the murky depths of loss starting with a breakup that left her with her challenging but beloved Tibetan mastiff, Freya. After Freya's passing, Katie confronts an avalanche of suppressed grief, including the unprocessed loss of her father.

With raw honesty, our hosts CJ and Ashley,  resonate with Katie's experiences, reflecting on their own struggles with loss and the intrinsic need to redefine relationships with those who've passed on. The trio unpacks the complexities of dealing with grief in untraditional ways, the solace found in dreams and afterlife connections, and the importance of finding permission to experience joy amidst sorrow.

Katie's evolution leads her to not only acknowledging her grief but also embracing her strengths and resilience, ultimately inspiring her advocacy work and founding of "Grief is Good." We explore the concept of compound grief, the therapeutic power of journaling, and Katie's path to becoming a death doula.

Join us as we navigate the highs and lows of grieving, the search for signals from beyond, and the courage to hold space for both ourselves and others during the most trying times. This is an episode about the light that can be found in the darkest of times and the laughter that can live alongside tears. Listen as we share, learn, and perhaps find a piece of our healing journey within Katie's story.

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