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show notes

Welcome back to The Day After, where powerful storytelling meets human connection. Today's episode  features our hosts CJ and Ashley in an intimate conversation with our guest, Cynthia, who shares her transformative experience with the pathos of life's unpredictability

In this deeply moving episode, Cynthia reveals how parenthood shifted her approach to risk assessment, making her more conservative in decision-making for the sake of her children. She expresses the complicated emotions of feeling out of place in widow groups due to her age and experience, providing a different outlook on love, loss, and the passage of time.

As we peel back the layers of grief and parenting, Cynthia opens up about the challenge of nurturing her children through their father's absence, examining their advanced emotional responses and her own journey through mourning. The conversation meanders through the landscape of laughter and grief – the catharsis of humor intertwined with the permanence of loss.

We delve into the solemn topic of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID), as Cynthia shares her candid perspective on what it means to say goodbye under such circumstances, contrasting real-life goodbyes with those depicted in fiction. Her accounts provide a raw look into the aspect of modern medicine that allows for dignity in death but doesn't diminish the gravity of loss.

CJ, Ashley, and Cynthia candidly discuss the evolution of self-care, the importance of boundary-setting, and the often overlooked strength found in seeking and accepting support. 

Cynthia co-authored The Many Faces of MAID: What to Expect When Someone You Know Chooses Medical Assistance in Dying: Find it on Amazon in the US or Canada. Learn more about Maid Family Support Society on social: LinkedIn / Facebook / Instagram (@maidfamilysupport). 

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