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show notes

The Day After's special series focused on pet grief continues with this heartfelt episode. Today,  we welcome Kristina to share her touching journey of love, loss, and new beginnings with her canine companions. Losing Wilson, a cherished 17-year-old shih tzu mix, was a painful experience for Kristina, leading her down a path of deep reflection and mourning. She discusses the tough decisions around doggy hospice care and the emotional process of coping with Wilson's passing, which includes cherished memories and mementos that continue to provide comfort. 

Kristina also introduces us to Goose, the rescue dog who stepped into her life when she least expected it. Despite initial hesitation and the chilling ambiance of the quarantine facility where they first met, Goose quickly became more than just a pet, filling the void left by Wilson and even having a social media presence dedicated to him.

Throughout the episode, Kristina candidly shares humorous anecdotes, the challenges of grieving, and the unexpected joy that Goose brings into her life, illustrating the complex emotions of losing and finding love again in the world of pet companionship. 

This episode is not just a story about pets but a deeper exploration of human emotions, resilience, and the profound impact that animals can have on our lives. Join us as we delve into the highs and lows of Kristina's emotional journey with her beloved dogs.

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