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show notes

Today, we have the privilege of sitting down with Melanie, who opens up about the harrowing experience of losing her partner, Michael, to a rapid battle with pancreatic cancer.

In today’s conversation, Melanie touches on the overwhelming emotions of becoming a caregiver, facing the finality of her husband’s diagnosis, and the intense grief that followed his passing. But this episode is not just a story of loss; it’s also one of resilience. We’ll explore how Melanie’s journey led her to a meaningful career in holistic retreats, helping those facing their twilight due to terminal illness or profound grief.

Together, we’ll discuss the signs of presence from our late loved ones, the importance of therapy during the mourning process, and how to navigate the array of emotions, including 'grief flare-ups' and the physical manifestations of trauma. The episode also touches on the unhelpful comments encountered by those grieving and the way both our guest and hosts have built rituals to foster an ongoing connection with those who have passed.

Join us as we share, reflect, and perhaps find solace in the shared experience of our human condition. 

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