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In this episode of The Day After, hosts Ashley and CJ welcome Jody to share her personal journey through grief, the challenges of solo parenting, and the healing process following the tragic loss of her husband. This episode dives into the raw and emotional experiences Jody faced after her husband was killed in a workplace violence incident, contrasting with CJ's own journey after losing his wife to breast cancer.

Jody and CJ discuss the heartbreaking decisions involved in end-of-life care and the emotional turmoil that follows. They highlight the practical difficulties encountered immediately after such a loss, from invasive questions regarding organ donation to needing strong support from family and friends. Jody opens up about the surreal and overwhelming transition to solo parenting and striving to find a balance between grieving and caring for her children. The distinction between solo and single parenting is explored, emphasizing the unique challenges and emotional toll faced by those who have lost a spouse.

The episode offers insight into the importance of setting boundaries, asking for help, and prioritizing self-care while dealing with profound loss. Both Jody and CJ reflect on their experiences with guilt and the struggle to reconcile moments of happiness amidst their grief, sharing how personal retreats and unconventional spaces helped them express and release their emotions.

Listeners will hear about the significance of maintaining connections with lost loved ones through rituals, memories, and shared stories. Jody shares heartwarming encounters and CJ speaks to the solace found in the enduring love of his late wife.

The profound impact of selling Jody's business, the psychological and physical toll of grief, and the ultimate importance of focusing on health and meaningful connections are themes richly woven throughout the conversation. This episode also delves into experiences with mediums, the support from their community, and the realization that listening is more vital than trying to “fix” grief.

Join us in this heartfelt episode as Jody's story conveys resilience, the importance of support systems, and the journey towards healing. 

*Content Warning: This episode discusses themes of grief, loss, and trauma which may be triggering for some listeners.*

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