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show notes

In this poignant installment of our ongoing series focused on pet grief, hosts CJ and Ashley engage in a deep and meaningful conversation with their guest, Elizabeth, about the intricacies of mourning the loss of a beloved pet. Elizabeth brings to light her personal experiences surrounding the death of her dog, Isabel "Iz", who was not just a pet but a significant member of her family, providing immense companionship and unconditional love.

Throughout the episode, Elizabeth shares powerful insights on the need for physical closeness and the impact of touch, especially valued in today’s digitally-dominated world. She discusses how societal norms and the quick pace of modern life can stifle the expression of genuine emotions during times of grief. Listeners will be moved by her heartfelt stories of Iz, emphasizing the deep connection they shared and the joyous moments that continue to resonate with her.

Complementing the discussion, CJ shares his own stories of loss, enriching the dialogue about the necessity of being acknowledged in one's pain and the therapeutic approaches that have aided him. The conversation expands to cover the broader issues of grieving openly and accommodating individual needs during such vulnerable times.

This episode not only seeks to provide a space for those grieving the loss of their pets but also advocates for a wider cultural acceptance of the profound impact pet loss can have. It’s an essential listen for anyone navigating their own grief or supporting others through similar journeys, encapsulating themes of love, loss, and healing. Tune in for this touching and insightful episode in our series on pet grief.

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