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show notes

The Day After's series on pet grief continues in honor of National Pet Month! In this heartfelt episode, we delve into the emotional journey of Dana, who shares her experiences of dealing with the grief of losing her beloved dog, Smitty, to heart disease. Throughout the conversation, hosts CJ Infantino and Ashley Infantino explore the profound impact of pet loss and the often underappreciated depth of mourning that accompanies it.

Dana opens up about the challenges she faced during the health decline of her dog, including difficult decisions about euthanasia and the lack of support from some veterinary professionals. She contrasts her lonely and painful grieving process with the support systems that did come through, including a special mention of the in-home euthanasia service, Lap of Love, which provided compassion during her time of need.

The episode also covers Dana’s struggles with personal organization and productivity due to depression and chronic fatigue since her loss. She shares how maintaining a connection to nature and part-time care for a friend’s dog has provided some comfort.
Listeners will find a discussion on the implications of pet loss on personal identity and mental health, with Dana expressing how vital her relationship with Smitty was to her happiness and stability. CJ relates to her experiences by reflecting on his own grief after losing his wife, fostering a conversation about the wide-ranging impacts of grief.

Moreover, Ashley brings insight into the emotional responsibilities of pet ownership, touching on her own experiences and the lessons of care and compassion they entail.

This episode is a touching exploration of love, loss, and learning to navigate life after the passing of a beloved pet, offering listeners understanding and validation of their grief experiences. It’s a must-listen for everyone who has ever loved and lost a pet.

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