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Show Notes

In this heartfelt episode The Day After, hosts CJ & Ashley engage in an intimate conversation with Gina, who shares her deeply personal journey of loss, resilience, and hope. They unpack the emotional upheaval following Gina's mother's diagnosis with stage four pancreatic cancer, the family's division on treatment options, and the collective commitment to never leave her side during her final months.

Listeners will be moved by the family's anecdotes of joy and unity amidst pain, and the poignant transition they endured after the matriarch's passing. Through moments of vulnerability, Gina recounts the efforts to keep her mother's spirit alive, the celebration of her life on special occasions, and the legacy left behind after 37 years of service to her community.

CJ and Ashley offer their own experiences with grief, addressing the insensitive judgments they've faced, and exploring the sensitive topics of dating after losing a spouse and the eventual blending of families. Gina's struggle with her father's new relationship and her own navigation into a relationship with a widower illuminates the complex layers of healing and acceptance.

In an exchange marked by laughter, tears, and wisdom, the hosts and guest also dive into the therapeutic nature of sharing stories, the belief in signs from loved ones, and the controversial appeal of mediums. They emphasize the importance of being honest with children about loss, supporting young ones through bereavement, and the essential act of not bottling up grief.

Join us as we honor the difficult paths tread by those we’ve lost and those who are left to cherish their memories, and as we seek to find light in the darkest of times—recognizing that sharing our stories can be the most powerful form of healing and connection. Don't forget to support our show and pass on the invaluable insights from guests like Gina to those in your life who might need them most.

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