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Welcome to a heartfelt and deeply moving episode of The Day After. Today's guest is Ashley, who bravely shares her journey through the heartache of pregnancy loss and the resilience that followed. Ashley's experience shines a light on the often unspoken grief that accompanies such a loss and the loneliness that can permeate every aspect of life in its wake.

Months after her 14-week pregnancy ended abruptly, Ashley found herself grappling with a delayed response to grieving. A conversation with a close friend inspired her to face the pain head-on rather than trying to outrun it, leading her to seek out a community for support.

Ashley's story touches upon the lack of resources and acknowledgment for pregnancy loss, especially in professional environments. The absence of bereavement policies at work, delayed medical procedures, and confronting immense physical and emotional tolls characterizes her experience.

In our in-depth conversation, we'll hear from both Ashley and CJ about navigating the rough waters of supporting someone in pain, the power of creativity as a healing tool, and how turning personal tragedy into an expansive love for others altered their paths.

Ashley candidly discusses the challenges she faced upon returning to work, her subsequent decision to leave her role, and how embracing radical candor helped her cope and connect. Moreover, we explore the dynamics of grief within relationships, particularly Ashley's with her husband, and the universal need for honesty and emotional maturity during such trying times.

Be inspired by how Ashley channeled her sorrow into establishing a nonprofit, Comfort Her, which aims to support mothers and address the emotional impact of miscarriages, and her moving initiative that brought warmth to others experiencing loss.

In this episode, we also delve into the world of mediumship and the comfort it can provide, with both Ashley and CJ sharing their personal encounters.

This is more than a story of loss; it's a lesson in the power of vulnerability, the strength found in community, and the surprising ways our lives can be rewritten through our deepest trials. Join us for an episode filled with raw emotion, tough conversations, and a testament to the human spirit. 

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