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Ashley is away this week so CJ is joined by special co-host Elizabeth from episode 8. In this episode of The Day After,  CJ & Elizabeth delve deep with Nicole as she shares the complex and heartbreaking experience of losing her cherished companion, Roger.

Through raw and vulnerable storytelling, Nicole shares the heart-wrenching moments leading up to Roger's passing due to heart disease, highlighting her feelings of guilt, shame, and overwhelming sadness. The episode captures Nicole's deep bond with Roger, portraying the unconditional love and unique connection they shared, reminiscent of the love she received from her grandmother.

As Nicole bravely explores her grief and coping mechanisms, listeners are invited to witness her transformative healing process. From initially feeling unprepared for new pets to eventually welcoming Arthur and Archibald into her life, Nicole's journey serves as a testament to the power of self-compassion and the profound impact of therapy, particularly EMDR and somatic therapy, in processing emotions and trauma.

The episode also touches upon themes of spirituality and connection, as Nicole recounts moments that make her believe in Roger's continued presence in her life. With discussions on the significance of mourning and embracing the grieving process, Nicole's story resonates with anyone who has experienced the profound loss of a beloved pet. 

Through shared memories, reflections, and insights on self-love and healing, the episode offers a touching exploration of love, loss, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of profound grief.

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